Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where The Heck Did That Photo Go?

I was going to post yesterday's outfit, but it somehow disappeared off my iphone. Maybe it's on my camera?? Alas, photo management is not one of my strong suits. I sure I'm making the camera-to-blog process waaay more complicated than it needs to be. I find the whole taking/downloading/editing process is exhausting! That's one reason I keep dropping blogs-poor babies.

What I need is one of those artsy photographer husbands. Someone to take my picture and make me look all gorgeous but still appear as the approachable girl next door. I'm convinced that alone would solve all my blog-keeping related issues (we'll just ignore my laziness, need for instant gratification and burning desire to create instant perfection-mmmkay?) Instead I married an engineer. Granted, he is very handy on the computer. But until I turn into an airplane of any sort, he has little interest in taking my photo. Sigh. What can I say? Ever since he saw Top Gun as a wee 8 year old, my man has loved airplanes. I like airplanes a lot too, but for different reasons. I see glamorous travel and exciting places ala Catch Me If You Can and family reunions and that whole arrivals gate scene from the end of Love Actually. I love that scene.

My husband sees Mav and Goose and buzzing the tower. And in his eyes, it is resplendent.

Anyhoo, no photographer husband and it's easier for me to get photos off my phone. So here you go, another pic in the mirror!! Watch out, here comes the sassy patrol! Check out that coats on the coat rack and my lack of knees or feet! Woo Hoo! Baby steps people. Baby steps.

Belt- Nine West via sample sale (I got it for a buck!)
Jeans- thrifted JCrew

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