Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Beginnings

It's time to start a blog. I need an outlet to talk about things I enjoy-my outfit choices, home projects and amazing thrift finds. I have amazing luck at my Goodwill (DVF, Paper Denim and Lilly Pulitzer.) So I making a vow, no matter the low quality and funny faces, I'm going to post my pics here. The only way to go is up. To take slightly messy or "off" things and give them a stylish turn. Life's imperfections aren't crooked, they're Jauntily Askew.

Check out the grainy iphone photo in our unfinished spare bedroom. Awesome!

teal dress- Target about 3 years ago
orange ruffle leather sandals- TJ Maxx last year
black patent pleather belt- from another dress I got at TJ Maxx

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