Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blueberry Stains and Technological Annoyances

Ugh, technology. What a pain in my butt. All I ask is for everything to work, to work the same way it did the last time I used it and to be easy. Apparently that is too much to ask in my household. We run out of unique IP addresses once a month. God forbid I bring my work laptop home, it messes everything up. And tonight I can't make the itunes play over the speakers. Huh? That little button was there on Saturday morning, where is it now? Am I losing my mind or did someone's weekend of "categorizing music by genre, blah, blah, I don't like the itunes interface, blah, blah, making my own" actually have some sort of impact on my life. Someone has a unique gift for turning the most elegantly simple of systems into insanely complex messes. Or at least it feels like that on my end. Ugh.

I also am so sick of user names and passwords. I feel like everything has a password and they all have to be random and different and unbreakable. I'm literally running out of room in my head for all of this information. God save us when I produce children and get the dreaded "mom brain." Everyone associated with me is screwed.

Rant over. Onto fun things! Like delicious smoothies. Deliciously cheap smoothies. I had a bunch of cup up fruit in the fridge that was threatening to go bad. It was already mushier than I like, so I had to figure out how it make it more palatable. Otherwise it was going into the composter. And cheap Lisa was not feeling that. I already paid $2 for a yogurt this afternoon, so I was not wasting any more money on food today! I rummaged around in the freezer and found a pint of blueberries I had previously saved from going bad. That combined with ice and a small scoop of ice cream created a lovely and mostly good for me treat. I was a happy camper.


Until I discovered the blueberry stain on my shirt. Oh hell no! This is my most favorite shirt in the entire world (despite the fact that both armpits have holes.) That baby got Shouted immediately. Because I would probably still wear it with a blueberry stain. If I had to pick only one outfit to wear for the rest of my life, it would be this one. It makes me so happy. It's nothing special, but it's 100% me.

top- J Crew sale
jeans- J Crew (the thrifted one I mentioned yesterday)
red shoes (see the cute little bows?!?)- DSW

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