Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Awesome Tuesdays #1

Life Goal: to make Tuesdays exciting. I highly doubt this Tuesday will be any better than meh.

My above Facebook post from today was pretty lame and miserable. Since I’m on this new change my life for the better/blogging kick (I mean, did buy a book last night and all…) I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my Tuesdays awesome. And why document these Awesome Tuesdays on my blog (capital letters necessary again)? Done and done. I'm sure some Tuesdays will be awesomer than others, but why not work on it?

So this Tuesday's awesomeness is brought to you (and me) by this little email I got later in the morning….
Ok, so J.Crew stuff goes on sale pretty often and I've definitely scored some good deals in the past. However, I've been crushing on one little piece of clothing for a while now:
It's a nice solid basic. And for some reason I'm in crazy love with it. Except for the fact that it's $188. And the fact they tend to sell out before they go on sale (or at least they did last season.)  I tried to tell myself that it's not worth it, $188 is crazy steep for me. I even went to the store and tried one on, just to see if it was really worth it and confirm what size fits  the best (in case I found a deal online.) I was hoping it would fit weird or be really cheaply made. But alas, it's not and I fell even deeper in love. Sigh.
I hope you can understand why this 20% off makes my Tuesday awesome. The blazer can be mine! I can handle buying it with a 20% discount. Now if only I could talk myself out of this $98 chambray shirt. It's exactly the shirt I've been dreaming about. It may have to go on the 20% off check as well. 

Sometimes you have to go big or go home.

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